On the 13th of May, we visited Oshodi comprehensive senior secondary school as part of our CITY Programme (Catch and Inspire them young).

The Boot Camp was scheduled to start by 10.00a.m, however HOPE representatives were already on ground before 9.30a.m to properly plan and meet with relevant authorities. The Boot Camp did not start however till about 10:30a.m, because some of the campers were having classes and we wanted to start with a good number.

The meeting commenced according to what was planned in the programme of activities. The campers were made to ease up with a small introduction about HOPE and CITY by Abiola and Michael. The first general training session facilitated by Mercy on Self-Leadership. After this session, there was a short break and the campers were split into six with about 15 campers in each squad. Each squad was then trained on Personal Mastery, Goal Setting and SWOT Analysis by the volunteers present.

The campers were very excited as many of them had never had teachings on the themes we taught and in the manner in which it was taught. They had very valuable contributions to make and many of them immediately started to draft a course and set personal goals for their improvements. They were so eager to learn that they completely forgot about the lunch break they said they were to have and even urged us not to bring the boot camp to a close when it was time to.

At the end of the boot camp, we had lots of questions from them, and a good number asked us to come back on Monday the next week. A few souvenir items such as HOPE Branded shirts and mathematical sets, were given out to exceptional campers. A mild lunch of snacks were also provided to the campers at the end of the Camp. They were very excited when they were informed about the CITY Summer Leadership Camp, and they asked us to please send messages when it was time for the Camp.13230083_1073533649387357_2540320337103364435_nWe also got some feedback from campers and Volunteers:

“If all our subjects were taught like this, learning would be so much fun.” Chidiebere, SS2

“I will stop wasting time doing unnecessary things like gisting up and down.” Damilola, SS2

“Today, I learnt that goals must be time-bound just like in a basket ball game” Ezekiel, SS2

“This was an amazing experience and I am glad to be part of it” Esther, Volunteer.




At the end of the Boot Camp by 1.00p.m, we went to give the school principal a brief report on how the camp went. She was very impressed with the delivery of the boot camp, she thanked the team for the sacrifices made. In her words, “This thing you are doing for this children will also be done for your children, they will never lack help and guidance when they need it.” She very firmly said that the school’s doors are always open to the Foundation and we should not hesitate to allow them partner with us, if any channel opened up.


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