We’d like to meet you. Name please.

Williams R. Elizabeth White.

How often have you been a camping leader at C.I.T.Y?

I was a camper for 3 years; 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Wow! Some real Veteran. So how has this plenty camp experience impacted you?

My C.I.T.Y experiences really impacted me socially, emotionally and intellectually.

Socially; it made me step up my game from being a timid person to being the talk and face of my society. Now I can face anybody to speak for change.

It also made me want to be greater than the mentors I met on camp. This motivated me to go out to my neighbourhood and organize a “Speak for Change” programme in 2013.

*Interviewer exhales in deep thought*. I’m inspired.

Why did you choose to volunteer with C.I.T.Y this year?

Elizabeth White: I volunteered this year (2016) because I saw the way volunteers were always up and doing during camp, and I’m like, I have virtue inside of me to release. Thanks to persons from C.I.T.Y who impacted me and made me discover who I am, they helped me see I can also give back and be a motivation to other persons.

What word do you have for current camping leaders?

Elizabeth White: Hmmm… All I have to say to camping leaders is that they should just forget about their pride, ego and shyness. Instead, they should pick up the CITY character of change that when they return from camp, the words on the lips of people who see them would be “so this boy/ girl can change”. They should practice all they learn in camp (C.A.P) and have fun during their stay on camp.


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