Day 1: Ground Breaking

C.I.T.Y Summer Leadership camp 2016 is here, Leaders Arise 2.0! C.I.T.Y Summer Leadership camp is running simultaneously across Nigeria at four different locations.

Lagos/Ota #LagOtaCITY2016

Ibadan #IBCITY2016

Port Harcourt #PHCITY2016

Abuja #ABJCITY2016

We want those who support C.I.T.Y from all over the world to experience camp through photographs that highlights the day’s activities. Day 1, ground breaking at all four locations included eager teenagers and parents with a million questions. We hope you enjoy this virtual camp experience and follow the #tag #CITYSummerCamp2016 on major social media platforms.


Leader and Volunteer of the Day:


Leader: Telma Oluchi Chinke

Squad: Amethyst

Camp Experience: This is my first time at CITY camp and I came with a lot of expectations. Today was kinda low key but I guess it is because everyone is just getting to know themselves and all and the coming days will be better. All in all, I had a good time today and I also learnt a lot.

Volunteer: Shokunbi Victoria

Squad: Jasper

Camp Experience: It was nice seeing familiar faces again & interacting with my squad. Today was good and I look forward to the remaining 9 days. CITY is so gonna rock this year! 



Leader: Agoha Blossom

Squad: Emerald

Camp Experience: This is my first time at CITY and I’ve found it to be very interesting. Being here as a camper is very ‘’very ‘’ fun. Much more fun than I could ever imagine. The friendship and unity we all share is wonderful. I am very happy I came to CITY camp.


Volunteer: Emily Gabriel

Squad: Opal

Camp Experience: This is my first time at CITY camp and it’s proven to be exciting. The challenges would never be compared to the benefits of being here as a volunteer. The team work is amazing. I am in the right place at the right time.




Reginald Bassey Speaking To The Leaders At Lagos/Ota CITY Summer Leadership Camp

Photo Challenge:

To encourage friendly competition across all four locations we are having a daily photo challenge;

The challenge for today is ”Strike a Pose” .

Below are photos from our four locations.

CITY Abuja was creative about the challenge of today, incorporating both Leaders and Volunteers in their photo.



CITY Ibadan highlighted all the individual squads showcasing the leaders and volunteers in each squad.


CITY Lagos/Ota showcased a cross-section of volunteers and leaders striking different poses.



Camp Photos For Today












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