DAY 5: Speak for Change

It’s our first and only Sunday at CITY camp and our leaders and volunteers started off our day with God in intense worship and praise. If you asked a teenager what they learnt from the sermon, they would say “I have worth, I’m not junk, I am carefully and wonderfully made, I was created for a purpose by the most creative creator”.

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Leaders holding hands in prayer during the service


Ahhhhh! Sundays always come with a special meal and no one says no to a delicious plate of Fried rice and well spiced chicken. But the food won’t cook itself so we had some volunteers assist in the preparation. You can tell they are excited to serve.

Class Session

Welcome to LEAD 102; our second class on leadership. Leadership is a core of the curriculum here at CITY camp. Today’s leadership class was titled ‘Leading Self’. We always call our teenagers; leaders and they had a fun, innovative and knowledge-packed session.

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Speak For Change

All through the weekend, a lot of excitement had been in the air, as we anticipated the event of this evening, Speak for Change. Speak for Change is a platform where leaders get to select a topic from one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and speak about it for an allotted period. Each team made captivating presentations on these challenges and we had our judges select the top three presentations.

IMG_1513Team Amethyst Speaking on ‘Gender equality and empowering all Women & Girls.


One of the Members of Team Garnet Also Speaking on ‘Gender equality and empowering all Women & Girls.


Meet some of our amiable judges that took on the role of selecting our top three, which we must admit, wasn’t an easy decision.






Name: Olanipekun God’s Time

Squad: Amethyst

Camp Experience:

 It has been fun, I’ve learnt a lot, improved in confidence, met new friends and I’m hoping to meet more.



Name: Diwa Daniel

Squad: Zircon

Location: Lagos/Ota

Camp Experience:

My camping experience has been very interesting but tasking; notwithstanding, I’m enjoying myself and wish to find THE RELATIONSHIP in camp.

After a fun-filled learning experience at ‘Speak for Change’, our leaders are ready to cause changes in the society. To keep up with camp activities you can search for #CITYSummerCamp2016 on major social media platforms and follow us on Twitter: @HopeFoundation0, Instagram: @hopefoundation0 and Facebook: EaglesHopefoundation.

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