Hard to Say Goodbye

Everything that has a beginning has an end, and so does C.I.T.Y. summer camp 2016. The ten-days journey that started on the 10th of August has come to a successful close today.  After all the fun and learning over the week, with relationships built  lot of emotions  fill the air as campers and volunteers say their good byes with packed bags and tear-stained cheeks.




Emotional moment as our leaders and volunteers hug as the say goodbye


Some of our parents and guardians watching their wards say their final goodbyes

Our wonderful volunteers took time out to write letters to their camp buddies, reminiscing the time spent and encouraging them to forge ahead. The program may have ended, but the relationships built certainly lives on.

Capture3      Capture2

Capture1      Capture4


What started with God, ended with God. Campers and volunteers giving God thanks for the success of C.I.T.Y. Summer  Camp 2016 

In all, we are certain that minds have been reshaped and lives have begun their transformation. The journey doesn’t end here, we are certain great things would come out of these great minds, and we would be right here capturing every bit of it.

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