There are a lot of exciting things that happens during C.I.T.Y Summer Leadership camp which is let’s talk about the fun and exciting things the teenagers have to look forward to, we will be sharing just three, so you can get involved either as a volunteer or camper to have a first hand experience of the rest.

1.       Team Bounding; Teenagers are grouped into squad of 10 and assigned volunteers to teach the C.I.T.Y curriculum and help the teenagers with camp competitions. This system engages the teenagers as they have to participate in whatever squad they find themselves. The squad are named after precious stones.

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2.       Creative Learning Classes: At C I.T.Y we encourage the teenagers to be creative to express themselves through arts, so writing classes, photography classes, make-up tutorials, tie and dye classes: to mention a few, are provided.

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3.       The C.I.T.Y Olympics: we have inter team football competitions that run through the duration of the camp and a day dedicated to fun sporting events like sack race, egg and spoon and many more.


So don’t miss out on this year’s camp
The camp is at no cost to the teenagers, so we need all the support we can  get so to sponsor a teenager this link: CLICK HERE
To register a teenager: CLICK HERE
Don’t miss an opportunity to help change the world.

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