One of the ways to make this year awesome In celebrating our 5th anniversary is through our  ”Change Project” Initiative which is a call to all our Volunteers and individuals globally to start a project. No matter your age or from where you belong, there is always something to give. ” Give service”

This initiative involves a general call to take on a change project.
Some initiatives are:
-Fund raising centred change projects,
-Repainting of school walls,
-Sponsoring a child to school,
-Creating a free app ,
-Advocating for transformation of the judicial system and lots more

All interested Volunteers should execute their ” Change Project” between October 1st – 10th, 2016. Please send in a brief information of your project with pictures and or Videos to Hopefoundationmedia@gmail.com, tag us on instagram @Hopefoundation0 and mention on twitter @Hopefoundation0 with the hashtag #CelebratingHOPEat5

There is indeed H.O.P.E for Nigeria!
We are the H.O.P.E of and for Nigeria!

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