Interviews: Camp Experiences


We’ve shared what our editors perceive of Leaders Arise 3.0. Under this title, we’d be sharing testimonies of a volunteer and a leader about their experiences so far.


Volunteer: Ibukun Akinmuda

What was your intention for joining C.I.T.Y. camp?

The intention I had when I signed up as a volunteer for C.I.T.Y. camp was to help a Leader Arise. Lol. But really, the basic was so I could share some of the qualities that have been imparted on me and many of which I have learnt over the years.


What has been your experience so far?

The experience has been wonderful. At as when I got into camp, I didn’t really see a need to be here anymore but I told myself that I was going to engage in all that was happening in camp and from that moment till now, I have been more excited that I am present as a volunteer at C.I.T.Y camp.


Does it match your expectation?

Well, I’m not really sure of what I expected but I mean, it is a camp to raise leaders and I think that has been going on smoothly with lives being transformed.


What highlights have you had so far?

I have had to teach a class, listen to the leaders ask amazing smart questions, I have had them prepare for competitions like it’s their last. I have seen a lot of volunteers relate with the leaders like siblings and a lot more.


What are your expectations for the remaining  days on camp?

Errrmm, my expectation for the remaining days of camp is to see every camper literally changed and get to go home differently.

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