C.I.T.Y Training: Special Correctional Centre for Girls, Idi-araba.

At H.O.P.E Foundation is our responsibility to Help Other People Excel is most paramount. We are committed to creating a revolution in community development, social change, and national transformation. One of the important platforms we use in achieving this is the C.I.T.Y Homes program where we target orphanages, remand homes, etc.

Since our inception in 2011, we have partnered with different institutions like this to organize several training programs and custom leadership training for the children and teenagers.

This time around, we took C.I.T.Y Homes a little further by paying a visit to the  Special Correctional Centre for Girls, Idi-araba, Mushin, Lagos.


The training lasted for three days (21st -23rd August, 2018) and we had a great time with the girls, training them on topics based on the 5 pillars of C.I.T.Y.’s curriculum which are Personal Mastery, Leadership Development, Educational Excellence, National Development Consciousness, Innovation, and Creativity and Entrepreneurship

On Day 1, they learnt about goal setting, planning and the basics of entrepreneurship.

The second day was for leadership training. We taught them the 4Cs of leadership, habits and civic responsibility and engagement.

On the final day, they had a great session learning about time management and vision boarding. We also helped them make their own personal vision boards.

Our volunteers had such an amazing time with the girls are so excited about their future. We are sure that these 3 days have laid a foundation of breaking new grounds for them and we can’t wait to see it.

See the beautiful faces of our volunteers.

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