DAY 1: Welcome to C.I.T.Y Camp!

Whooosshhh!!! After all the anticipation and countdowns, C.I.T.Y SUMMER LEADERSHIP CAMP 2018 is finally here! We are just as excited as you are to Catch and Inspire Them Young. The leaders (campers) are here and our facilitators are excited and ready to engage. So stay glued to our blog for daily updates and to follow camp activities wherever you are. For now, we bring you C.I.T.Y Summer Leadership Camp 2018: Day 1.

Arrival, Registration and Induction

The day in camp started with the arrival and registration of leaders. After registration and settling in, a welcome address and induction session followed.


The leaders were welcomed to C.I.T.Y Camp 2018 by the volunteers and educated about H.O.P.E Foundation and the rationale behind C.I.T.Y Camp. They were encouraged to adopt minds that are open and ready to learn so that they can get the best out of camp.

Make Your Countries

Next, everyone – both leaders and volunteers – was assigned to their different squads. There are five squads on camp this year and each squad is named after five different precious stones: Amethyst, Garnet, Jasper, Peridot and Topaz. Each of these squads would engage in healthy competition across different activities for the duration of camp, at the end of which one squad would emerge winner for the year. We cannot wait to see which squad that would be. The squads were introduced to their squad leaders which led to the very first task of the camp which is “Make Your Countries.


In this session, each squad discussed their countries (squad) and what they want to stand for. This includes their slogan, flag, colours, anthem etc. which would later be presented to everyone at the general assembly. Each squad had pretty interesting representations and we are anticipating bringing them to life in presentation.

Vision Boarding

The next task was “Vision Boarding”. Leaders were given materials to create and design a personal vision board as a part of personal mastery and working towards their goals. You will be amazed at the contents of these board. The future is truly bright and these ones are on the right path. Some interested leaders then shared their vision boards with everyone and we could see the amazing things in the minds of these young leaders.

Camp Buddy

After the insightful Vision Boarding, we moved on to “Meet Your Camp Buddy”. The Camp Buddy platform is one of the most important parts of C.I.T.Y Camp. It is a mentorship initiative where the leaders are assigned to different volunteers as their camp buddies to bond with during camp and for year-long mentorship even after the camp duration. This is to ensure that the learning and impact does not end at camp and that the leaders are indeed making use of what they would learn here. These mentors would remain in touch with the leaders to advice, guide and be there for them when needed.


Finally, to kick off the competition proper, we made the leaderboard to document and monitor points for each squad. All that is left is to swing into action and see which squad comes out top at the end of the day.

Camper of the Day

Name: Adeola Fetuga

Squad: Amethyst

Camp Experience: I’ve met new people today and they showed us to our squads. I’m here to discover myself and I already know I would be able to do that.

Volunteer of the Day

Name: Abiola Adekunle

Squad: Garnet

Camp Experience: It’s been fun. I’ve met so many awesome people just  today alone so I already know the rest of camp is going to be so much fun. I cannot wait for the camp experience to start proper.

So that’s it for Day 1. We are super excited about what is in store for the rest of camp so don’t forget to come back for more camp updates. The fun is just about to start!

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