DAY 2: Heart-to-heart

Hello there!

Yes! C.I.T.Y Camp is still on and it is Day 2, so settle in and let us tell you how things went down in camp today.

We started the day with morning aerobics incorporated with music and dance. It was such a fun way to start the first and only Sunday in camp.

After the exercise, we freshened up and went for service. Pastor Adekunle Osilaja of Celebration Church Int’l gave a thought provoking ministration on discovering your ‘Adeniny’ in Christ. We all enjoyed the teaching and learnt a whole lot.

After service, different squads gathered for their squad meetings to further design their flags and slogans, learn their pledges and anthems, and to plan and prepare their representatives for the upcoming competitions.

Class Sessions

During the first class session today, the leaders were taught on INTENTIONS  in personal mastery (PM 101). They were able to recognize the fact that intention is the pathway to reality. They also learnt about setting priorities, scale of preference and FOCUS as the key to drive your intentions to reality.

The second class was educational excellence (EE 101). The leaders learnt about the importance of academic excellence and how best to achieve it as teenagers considering the distractions around them in this 21st century.

Their third class of the day was national development consciousness (NDC 101) where the leaders were educated about our nation in relation to the 17 sustainable development goals.

Genius Hour

Genius Hour is a time for the leaders to express their creativity and innovation through interactive sessions. During this time, some of the leaders were able to composed songs for their squads while others rubbed minds together to birth amazing ideas.

Heart-to-heart: Sex Talk

The day was wrapped up with an interactive heart-to-heart sex talk session where the leaders were educated on sex and relationships with opposite gender. They were able to interact with the facilitators and ask questions as it relates to their personal lives and experiences. This was definitely one of the most fun sessions so far.

Camper of the Day

Name: Wunmi Oshunnaike

Squad: Garnet

Camp Experience: It was my first full day in camp today and I’ve already learnt so much especially about leadership and knowing myself. It has been inspiring and impacting and many questions I came here with have been answered.

Volunteer of the Day

Name: Aderonke Aderohunmu

Squad: Amethyst

Camp Experience: It has been very exciting. I have the opportunity of being the time keeper so I have to make sure everyone is always on their feet and time conscious. I’ve seen a lot of greatness from my interaction with these young leaders and even more from my fellow volunteers. It is just awesome.

So that is it for today. All shades of fun and impactful! We expect that the remaining days would be more amazing so follow us on all social media platforms for more camp updates.

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