DAY 3: Ginger!

It is the third day here in C.I.T.Y Camp and you can trust that the ginger is high! Major camp competitions begin today and the squads are ready to kill it.

We started the day with our fun music aerobics as usual and that added more to the ginger we already had to begin the day.

Workshop sessions

We had workshop sessions where we gave the leaders basic trainings in different skills that they showed interest. The sessions we had were:

Makeup and Gele

First Aid/Red Cross


Cake Making


Public Speaking

The leaders enjoyed these sessions and are very excited to go out and build on these basic skills they have acquired today.

Class sessions

The first class the leaders had today was leadership (LD 101). They learnt the importance of leadership and that every one of them has what it takes to be a leader.

The next class was a personal mastery class (PM 102). Here, they learnt about goal settings, the need to have a goal and how to go about it.

The third class was educational excellence (EE102). The leaders were taught about problem solving and the various approaches to solving a problem.

Violence Against Women

After their classes, we had an interactive session where we were all educated about the growing rate of violence against women and what can be done to curb it. The leaders were able to suggest really good ideas to this end and they enjoyed this session so much that they did not want it to end.

After this, everyone split into their different squads to meet and prepare adequately for the “Speak For Change” competition coming up later.

Speak For Change

The “Speak For Change” competition is a public speaking competition between all the squads. Each squad is expected to put forward representatives to give a compelling speech on any of the 17 SDG goals they have learnt about. Amethyst squad spoke on gender equality, Topaz, Garnet and Jasper squads spoke on education, while Peridot spoke about clean water.

At the end of all the speeches, the judges gave their verdict:

Topaz: 1st

Garnet: 2nd

Jasper: 3rd

Amethyst: 4th

Peridot: 5th

Camper of the Day

Name: Divine

Squad: Topaz

Camp Experience: I’m really enjoying camp and I’ve learnt a lot already. It is an exciting experience.

Volunteer of the Day

Name: Pepple Kalada

Squad: Amethyst

Camp Experience: All the activities have been so fun and the people are really warm and amazing.

So that was it for Day 3 and all the ginger. Stay glued for more and follow us on all social media platforms for more camp updates.

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