DAY 4: Man of the match

It is day 4 here in camp and today was awesome. Everybody started the day in high spirits in anticipation of the events and competitions for today, particularly sports and spelling bee.

After the morning exercise and devotion, we had a delicious breakfast of noodles thanks to our kitchen and welfare team and then we began the class sessions.

Class sessions

Todays classes started with a national development consciousness course (NDC 102) which covered Nigerian history in relation to the Biafran war. They were able to learn about the value of lives and peace among nations.

Their next class was leadership (LD 102). Here, they were taught about the 4 C’s of leadership (competence, commitment, courage and candor) and how to apply these to their daily lives as leaders.

The third class for the day was on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship (ICE 102). The leaders were taught about building their own business and the different segments of a business model canvas.

The final class for the day was a personal mastery one (PM 103). Here, they learnt the reason and importance of time management and how to manage their time.


Two of our facilitators Seun Adebimpe and Daniel Otabor trained the leaders on etiquettes and comporting themselves as leaders. They were able to learn to be polite and courteous as leaders while taking on responsibility.

Values and Vices

Today, we had a special guest – Mr Lanre Ojo – who came to speak with the leaders about values, vices and patriotism. He was able to educate the leaders to choose value over vices and he was able to steer up a patriotic spirit in the leaders. They all had an amazing time.


After the enlightening values and vices session, we moved straight to begin the inter-squad sports activities which included 100m sprint,  100m x 4 relay race, volleyball, basketball and football tournaments.

100m Boys

1st position – Peridot represented by Musa Salisu

2nd position – Amethyst represented by Samuel Shodiya

3rd position – Garnet represented by Simisola Adekunle

100m Girls

1st position – Peridot represented by Tobi-David Darasimi

2nd position – Amethyst represented by Christianah Sunday

3rd position – Jasper represented by Deborah Matthew

Relay Boys

1st position – Amethyst

2nd position – Peridot

3rd position – Topaz

Relay Girls

1st position – Periodot

2nd position – Jasper

3rd position – Amethyst

Football, Volleyball, Basketball

The football matches have had some Jasper and Garnet squads move on to the finals which would be continued tomorrow and the scores would be announced later. There were also fun volleyball and basketball games for everybody.


Spelling Bee

After the energizing and fun sports activities, we moved on to the spelling bee competition. After a series of ties and tie breaking, Jasper and Topaz went on to the finals where Topaz finally emerged winner.

5th – Amethyst

4th – Peridot

3rd – Garnet

2nd – Jasper

1st – Topaz

Camper of the Day

Name: Darasimi Tobi-David

Squad: Garnet

Camp Experience: It has been exciting and good. I’ve been learning a lot and I’ve made many new friends.

Volunteer of the Day

Name: Joy James

Squad: Amethyst

Camp Experience: It has really been nice. I’ve been enjoying it. It has been impactful because I’ve learnt a lot.


Right now, Peridot seems like the man – or squad – of all the races today. We can’t wait to see who would emerge the squad of the match in tomorrow’s football games.

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