DAY 5: Jasper with the Jazz

Both the leaders and volunteers are enjoying the whole camp experience with each day even more adventurous than the last.

Class sessions

As usual, we had class sessions today where we engage the leaders in interactive learning with the facilitators.

The first class was on education excellence (EE 103) where the leaders were educated on life long learning, how important continuous learning is to their personal development and how to become life long learners.

We also had another national development consciousness class today (NDC 103) where the leaders were taught about pre-colonial Nigeria, the effects of slave trade on the black race, Nigeria’s road to independence and the now, the post colonial era. They were encouraged to go out and become change agents in the country.

The next class was a leadership class (LD 103) where they learnt about emotional intelligence, its components and importance as a leader.

Classes rounded off for the day with an innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship course (ICE 103) where they were taught about networking, the importance of networking and some important networking tips.

Creativity, Procrastination, Personal Development

Today, we were privileged to have one of the most talented comedians in Africa with us (Mr. Otolorin Kehinde A.K.A Kennyblaq). He spoke to us about resilience, hard work and consistency relating all to his journey from flame to fame. It was an amazing time filled with learning and laughter.

We also had with us Mr. Akin Brown, a fast-rising music producer who spoke with us about creativity and personal development, leaving everyone feeling highly motivated.

Camp Buddy

We had another camp buddy session today where volunteers bonded with their leader camp buddies. It was an exciting time indeed.



Now, to the most anticipated event of the day! The squads were instructed to come up with a business idea as a solution provider for one or more of the SDGs they have been taught using a minimum startup capital of thirty thousand naira.

The plethora of ideas generated by the leaders is proof that there is truly hope for Nigeria. These are the different business ideas each squad presented:

Amethyst – Ametech: A tech company focused on online learning.

Jasper – Jazz Smoothies: A smoothie shop that provides healthy smoothies for residents of a certain location and offers consultancy services on healthy eating.

Garnet – Untech: A plastic waste disposal and recyling company.

Peridot – P- Dot Breakfast and Confectioneries: A food company that provides delivery of breakfast for 9 to 5 workers.

Topaz – Top Chow: A food company that specializes in fruit salads to promote healthy eating.

Each squad was judged based on novelty, appearance, scalability, feasibility, timeliness and delivery.

At the end of their presentations, these were the results:

Jasper – 1st position

Peridot – 2nd

Garnet – 3rd

Topaz – 4th

Amethyst – 5th

It was indeed an exciting day for all. Keep following all our updates to get the best of camp stories.

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