DAY 6: Change Agents

Time indeed flies when you are having fun. We can’t believe it is Day 6 already. This amazing time is gradually coming to an end.

Class sessions

Today, the leaders participated in a personal mastery class (PM 104) where they learnt about habits, the habit loop and 7 important leadership habits.

The next class was a national development consciousness class (NDC 104) on change agents. The leaders were taught about different change agents and how to be a change agent in the society. They finished this class excited about their future and the changes they are going out to make in the world.

Self Awareness

The leaders learnt a lot about self awareness today from the panel session that took place with Mrs Modupe Eka, Divine Oniyide, Itunu Adel and Gabriel. Their discussions were aimed at teaching the leaders about self awareness and discovering their purpose. It was a wonderful panel session.

Meet the Leaders

We had an interesting, glamour-filled “Meet the Leaders” session today with Joy Iseki, Iruka Obi and Joys Oyedepo. They added so much value to everyone present and we are grateful that the leaders of tomorrow had the opportunity to hear everything they heard today.

We had such a great time today thanks to all our awesome panelists. We are convinced that we are indeed training change agents. Watch out for our leaders!

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