DAY 7: The Rise of Robots

Take us back to day oneeeeeeeeeee! How can it be Day 7 already? Just one day to the end of this beautiful time we have been having here at HOPE’s C.I.T.Y. Summer Leadership Camp 2018.

We started the day with a class on Moral Ethics where the leaders were admonished to create a personal code of conduct that aims to add value to every person they come in contact with.

We moved on to a practical general class on public speaking with Daniel Otabor of Speak With Daniel. The practicals made the class even more fun and it was an amazing time indeed.

The Rise of Robots

We had a very fun and eye-opening session with Samuel Akinseinde on Artificial Intelligence. We learnt that AI is not just about robots and it is in fact embedded in most of the things we do including even the simplest games. After the session, many of the leaders showed interest in Artificial Intelligence and he would be giving this group even further training. Watch out for the rise of robots from our C.I.T.Y Leaders.

Fun and more fun!

We had another sports session today to determine the winner of the football games between Jasper and Topaz] and Jasper squad won the match. During the sports and games, we also had the face painting stand where our in -house face painters decorated faces with fun images as the games went on.

We proceeded to the variety night where different leaders and volunteers showed us their hidden talents. Some sang, some danced and some even gave us some soul-touching poetry like facilitator Lisa Frank. It was great to see that the leaders of tomorrow are also a bundle of talents.

Next, we moved on to the movie night where we saw an amazing film titled ‘Wonder’. This movie had some of the leaders in tears as we watched on. It was a great choice though. We all learnt a lot from it.

Tomorrow is the last day but we are not ready to go! Camp was just too awesome. Come back tomorrow for more updates and don’t forget to follow us on all social media platforms for more updates.

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