DAY 8: Time to change the world!

Here we are! The last day of C.I.T.Y Leadership Camp 2018. Who is ready for this splendid time to come to an end? Not us. Definitely not us! The past one week has been incredible and awe-inspiring. We have had the best time with these phenomenal leaders. It is now time to release them to become the change they wish to see in the world.

The closing ceremony of the of CITY Summer Camp 2018 started with an inspirational session with the Founding Executive Director of HOPE Foundation Femi Taiwo, afterwards we proceeded to another session aimed at helping our young leaders make good career choices. We are thankful to our panelists for sharing with us from their wealth of experience.

After the sessions, we presented the leaders’ awards and certificates to them.

8 Special Awards were given out:
1. Most Resourceful Leader
2. Best Team Player
3. Best Behaved Leader
4. Most Friendly Leader
5. Most Improved Leader
6. Most Creative Leader
7. Most Responsible Leader
8. Camper of the year

These awards were given alongside gifts for their performance.

Awards were also given to those that participated in sports. Specifically the squads that came 1st, Second and third.
The sports awarded are 1. Football, 2. 100 meters race (male and female) 3. Relay Race( male and female)

After the awards presentation, we all went for lunch – the final camp meal – where we had an amazing plate of fried rice and meat alongside drinks. Thanks to the welfare team for feeding us well for this past week.

Right after lunch, we packed our bags and headed to the multipurpose hall where then we had the closing session.

The leaders were enjoined to go out and be the change they have been groomed to be! It was an emotional time for everyone as leaders and volunteers shared pictures, hugs and goodbyes.

We even saw a tear or two.

There is no doubt that lifelong bonds have been formed in this one week.

Be on the lookout for C.I.T.Y Leaders because there is no stopping them!

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Stay blessed!



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