We Help Other People Excel (H.O.P.E)

H.O.P.E (an acronym for Helping Other People Excel) is a community development initiative for young people by young people.

We are young, passionate and service-driven individuals who have accepted responsibility for community development, social change, and national transformation. Our desire to help other people comes from the understanding that development takes a community effort and if there is going to be any change in our world, then it is up to us to make that change.

We have organized a summer leadership camp every year for the past 6 years as well as run training programs across several schools and gatherings. These events have been attended by hundreds of teenagers from several states and backgrounds across the country.

Our Vision

To become a global non-profit organization committed to influencing social change.

Our Mission

To help other people excel at transforming their society by educating and empowering them to be effective change agents.

Our Values


We strive to ensure our programs, projects and activities deliver desired outputs and drive established outcomes.


This is the core of who we are, the infallible value on which we stand, the only way we earn the trust of others.


For us leadership is simply service! All we want to do is serve others, and lead others to serve society.


Our minimum standard of operation and delivery is Excellence.


Our motivation, our instruction, our heartbeat, the foundation on which we build is Love.