We facilitate training seminars for secondary schools

Since our inception in 2011, we have partnered with the Lagos State Ministry of Education (Nigeria), under the State’s Support Our Schools platform and adopted a State school (Lagos State Model College Meiran), where we organized several training programs and custom leadership training for their prefects.

As well as led the students in the school to executing several community projects including the painting of their school walls and gate. We have also organized similar training programs in secondary schools across Lagos and Ogun states.

Training seminars we facilitate for schools

Leadership: The Right Perspective

Understanding the Concept of Leadership (LEAD 101)

Manifesting True Leadership

Ethics and Etiquette

In Pursuit of Destiny (I.P.O.D)

Self-Discovery Series (I AM)

Time Management (I AM)

Educational Excellence: The Power of Self Development

Accepting Responsibility: National Development Consciousness

Building Relationships: Peace and Conflict Resolution

The Art of Public Speaking

Critical Thinking and How Successful People Think


Positive Attitude and Mentality (PAM)

Problem Solving Techniques

The ABCDE of Academic Excellence (ACE)

Goal Setting

ICE- Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship

Vision Dynamics

Ethics and Etiquette

Manifesting good character and values

Schools we've held seminars

Covenant University Secondary School

Lagos State Model College, Merian

Solomon Grace High School

Future Leaders Secondary School

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