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Our Competitions for Change programs are internet-based contests designed to push the buttons for social change by harnessing constructive ideas for nation building from Nigerians home and abroad. These ideas are submitted as videos, images and other creative content depending on the specific contest in play. Under this umbrella, we have a “speak for change” and a “lens for change” campaign where participants submit inspirational videos and powerful imagery respectively as a way of stimulating a societal reorientation. We designed these programs bearing in mind that Nigeria, as a country, is beset with a plethora of social challenges, and every problem within the nation is fundamentally a “people-problem.” Our thinking is that the solutions to some of these problems will begin to emerge as the citizenry get reoriented in the right ways. Hitherto, a lot of Nigerians have expressed their utmost displeasure at the state of the nation, blaming the government for not remedying the situation. There is truth in this, but we choose to believe that the citizenry can contribute to turning things around if they start acting differently.
A case in point: there would be less instances of flooding if the citizenry would simply stop dumping refuse in drainages. Some 170 million people live and work in Nigeria, this is sufficient manpower to cause any type and scale of revolution, but only if the human resources are properly primed
Our competitions for change initiative compels participants to think up solutions to some of the most pressing social challenges we have, showing the role that “other people,” not necessarily the government, can play in solving them . We hope to cause a conversational re-orientation with our Speak for Change campaign, knowing that more people will act differently as they see more of the light. We also believe our graphics for change contest will push social advocacy to a whole new level while inspiring millions of Nigerians home and abroad

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  • To enlist and engage the younger generation, educating them in a unique way
  • To facilitate a reorientation of perspectives, leading people to think through a problem-solving and value-adding perspective
  • To stimulate logical thinking with a creative/lateral twist, and push participants to be resourceful
  • To develop participants’ cognitive base and skills-set in public speaking, delivery and research
  • To inspire a new trend in Nigeria, making it “cool” for people to speak and paint constructively in ways that edify society

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