How We Began


We launched in on October 1, 2011 at the African Leadership Development Centre in Covenant University and are fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as The EAGLES’ HOPE CHARITY FOUNDATION (CAC/IT/NO49157).


With two full time volunteer-staff, a NYSC member and a handful of part-time students and professional volunteers, we started operations in early 2012 by adopting the Girls Correctional Facility, Idiaraba, and later on, the Lagos State Model College, Meiran, where we ran several modules of our custom-built CITY (Catch & Inspire Them Young) Curriculum which is focused around five core themes – Personal Transformation & mastery, Leadership, Educational Excellence, National Development consciousness and Entrepreneurship/ Innovation.

We took these trainings to other schools/ locations, and in the summer of the same year, we put together a Summer Leadership Camp for teenagers to further teach these values and concepts in an atmosphere of inspiration, fun and practicality.


In 2013, we launched and became the conveners of the David Oyedepo Day of Service. Altogether, we estimate that our programs have influenced the lives of about 30,000; our volunteer and people base has grown to over 1,500 and counting, and we have enjoyed the partnership of about 32 organizations and businesses in fulfilling our mission.


In 2015, we held the CITY Summer Leadership Camp in four states in Nigeria- concurrently. We have also introduced several other initiatives such as the Project iRespond, HOPE Corpers Action Fellowship to inspire change and empower, enlist and engage more change agents.