Share your HOPE experience

Hear our volunteers and campers share their experiences

Chinwe O – Volunteer

CITY 2015 was a great experience for me as well as challenging. I had the opportunity of working with great volunteers with a heart of service, leaders/campers that possessed a high level of intelligence and individuals who were eager to learn and interested in creating a great future. This period thought me the true value of Leadership and emotional intelligence and that great things can be accomplished by people who have a vision. Indeed, it was a wonderful time.

Chinyere Okonta – Participant

Because of the career fair , I have the knowledge to help me choose a career that suits me, not one that will end up being like punishment

Silas – Volunteer

To have someone tell me “thank you for giving me an opportunity I may have never had”… that was truly a great moment for me.

Damilola Aremu – Volunteer

Working with C.I.T.Y, I was able to take up roles I never imagined to have ever been able to do. I had the opportunity to inspire young minds. I felt very accomplished when I facilitated a course and the leaders in my squad gave me positive feedback on how they enjoyed the session. I was also able to practice some untapped public speaking skills. C.I.T.Y 2015 gave me a whole new experience and it was a great one indeed.

Leye Adetona – Volunteer

C.I.T.Y. 2015 was humbling for me. I’ve been a volunteer at C.I.T.Y in previous years but here I met with new volunteers who were so passionate about their tasks. They inspired and motivated me to give and do more than I knew I could. My experience ended with a lesson, one that I’ve learnt before but I’ll keep learning and it’s this: you may feel ordinary but once you get out of your shell to help other people, to add value to others, then you have stepped in to the extraordinary, then you are more than ordinary

Ngozi Okonta – Participant

I’m so happy I came to this Camp. I have seen so much opportunities than ever before. We are not too small to make a difference.

Korede Odesanya – Participant

Working on my C.I.T.Y Action project made me realize as a 15 year old, what have I been doing with my life ever since? It feels like time is running out, I Just have to do something; I just have to change this world